1. Analyzing the Results

2. Interacting with the Results Table

3. Visualization Module

Analyzing the Results

The results are presented in the same structure as the ecosystem model input (matrix). Each cell contains the number of sections of law in which the two corresponding ecosystem elements co-occur. The diagonal cells (in gray) contain the number of sections in which each element (represented by its term or set of terms) occurs in the geopolitical jurisdiction.

The default colors represent the following:

Interacting with the Results Table

A list of documents that corresponds to the two terms (elements) may be viewed by double-clicking on any of the cells that contain 1 or higher. From the document list window it is possible to also view the text of individual sections by opening (double clicking) the file name.

The text of each section is fully searchable, with a search box at the top.

*Note: This diagram contains screenshots from the beta version, but the functionality is the same.

Visualization Module/Graph Results

To display a graph of the results, select Graph Results under the View menu.

See the visualization help section for more information about the Visualization module and graphing results.